What is MUSE?

Mentoring Undergraduate Student Experience (MUSE) is a student-initiated and peer lead mentoring organization for all undergraduate Ohio State University Students.  Our mission is to help students transition into college by providing individual and family style peer mentoring to first year students while at the same time providing resources and opportunities that foster academic, professional, social, and leadership development.


  • Connect first year students and upperclassmen

  • Help establish lasting professional and personal relationships

  • Provide a network of students for support and encouragement throughout college

  • Encourage student success and immerse them within the university


MUSE is a newer organization, created because of the lack of a universal mentoring program for students at Ohio State. It was created so that all students could be eligible to join, therefore showcasing the diversity of this university.

MUSE wanted to redefine standard mentoring programs by not only creating and encouraging one-to-one relationships between students, but also planning meetings and socials to ultimately give opportunities for mentors and mentees to see each other on a regular basis and learn and grow along their journey through the organization.